How to Contact Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site where groups of people can chat, talk, share with each other and it included a lot of other functions as well. Virtually all are connected in this cyber world and notwithstanding the distance or the time gap people have flocked on to this service in bulk and remained glued to it. Around half petabytes of data are added everyday on facebook servers currently. A lot of features are there in the site which is unique to it and many others are shared by other sites as well.

Facebook in its present form has changed the destiny of the world and with more than a billion users worldwide it has penetrated into the multiple strata of societies. With its multiple features it has become an integral part of our life. With so many users worldwide there are so many issues and concerns also raised by them which need to be attended. For starters first its important to get registered and create a photo profile. This way once the person’s identity is created, he or she can contact other persons and add them in their network. All such persons in a network can share, comment, talk and update their status, whereabouts, likings, events, experiences all the time for all to see. This aspect has worked wonders in making people craving for facebook once they are back to the confines of their homes after work or studies.

However since facebook being a free and open service the response to queries are also delayed and muted. Nevertheless facebook has promptly shown the ways and means to contact them in matters where their intervention is required. There are various reasons which may force the users to contact facebook such as account hacking, cancellation of account without informing, a bug, for reporting abuses, for advertisements etc. Unlike other paid sites or services, contacting facebook may lead to frustration and one cannot get direct answers to their problems or issues or enquiries.

One of the ways to contact them is to go to the ‘help centre’ which is promptly displayed in the settings tab at the top right side of the home page. There of the several options available one can see an icon for ‘Report an Issue’ which when clicked leads to a host of other options specifying the types of issues. These individual options can be used for notifying our issues. Among the various options in the ‘Help’, there is one for feedback ‘Give us Feedback’. Since there are no direct email system to address the Facebook Corporation, this way one can reach up to them with our concerns, ideas or suggestions.

Community forum tab in the ‘Help’ is another way of contacting them. This page leads to a plethora of topics which can match to our issues. If no such topics suit our concerns then by just clicking on the tab ‘Ask any question’ one can put in the specific question that needs to be addressed. Even though this method is not a direct approach but there is a probability that our concern may get noticed through this.

Another way to approach them is through toll free number but it’s a waste of time to even try that since its always answered by automated voices directing one to the online support. Its important to understand that there are more than a billion users of facebook worldwide and so the issues generated may be equally in bulk. Hence to expect facebook to solve all of them is nearly impossible. So its important for the users to go through the facebook updates and security issues to get acquainted with new features and their usage.

Being a networking platform, facebook has its own ups and downs. Due to its popularity its always under scrutiny. Hackers, abusers, and law breakers are always on a hunt to make it a usable tool for them. Media also plays a vigilante role here to highlight any of the shortcomings. Thus the general public when need to contact facebook, can always try all the different methods mentioned above which probably may not be attended immediately due to the sheer amount of the users but won’t be ignored for sure.

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