How I Make Money With Flickr

Flickr is basically a social network type of website where you can upload pictures, and short videos.  It is very popular for photographers, and also people who want to become photographers.  The site was originally created by a company called Ludicorp back in 2004, but then acquired by the company Yahoo in 2005.

Why I Got Started with Flickr?

I first started using the website in 2012.  Originally I started using it, because I didn’t like Photobucket anymore and wanted to see what else was available.  I had just purchased the Canon 7d camera, and noticed flickr was mentioned a lot in photography forums.  Many people were starting 360 projects, and uploading all their photos for the project onto Flickr.  I was amazed at the growth I had seen in peoples photography skills in the short period of 1 year.

So naturally I created an account to help improve my photography skills. I had no intention of doing a 360 project, but I did want to upload photos whenever I had spare time.  It is very addicting, because seeing other photographers work can motivate a person better their own photography skills.  Also, the community is very encouraging, and always gives positive feedback. It’s nothing compared to Youtube comments, where you will always see negative comments.  I actually rarely ever see someone leave a negative comment on Flickr, which is something that restores my faith in humanity.

So How Can I Make Money with Flickr and Clickbank?

Flickr is a very large, and active community.  The more you interact with people on the website, the more they will interact with you.  The more people interact with you, the more popular your channel will become, which will draw more traffic to your photo stream.  The question is, “But how do I make money with this Flickr account I have?”  If you are new to IM (Internet Marketing) you might not know that anytime you can draw traffic to specific website that you control, you can monetize that traffic.

The first thing that needs to be taken care of is creating your Clickbank account. Without your Clickbank account you will not be able to use Clickbank with your Flickr account and make money.  If you know how to create an email address, then creating a Clickbank account will be very easy for you, because it’s a fairly simple task to do.  So it should not be necessary for me to go into great detail about how to do it.  Just know that you need to create a Clickbank account first.

Once you have finally created your very own Clickbank account, you will want to go to the “marketplace” of the website.  This is where you can browse around and find a product you will want to promote.

How I Got a Few Hops to My Affiliate Link?

The method I chose to use to attract hops to my affiliate link was by adding the link to the description of my photos.  Do not overdue it though, because if you constantly post your affiliate link on your photos, you could get reported and possibly have your account deleted from Flickr.

What methods I used to get more views on flickr – 

Getting more views in Flickr takes time.  You have to be in this game for the long run if you really want to see results. You need to interact with other Flickr members, by writing thoughtful posts on their pictures.  Do not use any program to do this for you, because people can tell the difference.  Your goal is to make friends with these people, because that is whats going to get them to comment, and favorite your photos.

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