Features to Look Out for in Browsers

Computers have become an integral part of our life and each one of us have one with us all the time. They come in various forms such as desktops & laptops at home and offices, easy to carry ones such as cell phones, ipads etc, gaming machines at homes or commercial centres etc. It has networked our life to the distant corners of the world and made it difficult to lift our thoughts without any of it. From morning rituals till bedtime in the evening, computers have sneaked into our life and embossed itself in ways that its become difficult to keep our fingers away from a casual tab, click or press.

When we talk about computers then the next thing that comes into mind is internet. Its actually the internet which has hitherto connected us to the world in every little ways and the very existence of internet is intimately bonded with computer from where it takes its applicability. Internet brings the world to our door in terms of contemporary happenings, the history and all the available knowledgeable data in any form. However there is another puzzle to be unraveled here which is called as browser. For internet to function and deliver the results as expected of it needs a browser to do that. Browsers are software applications installed in computer hardware which finds the source of information through some address, fetches the information, displays it on the monitor, keeps it in the memory, retrieves it back when needed and thus brings us the world to our feet at the comfort of our home. The implication is quite evident here that the computers, internet and the browsers are items which require each other for their existence and complement each other in their functions.

There is plethora of browsers in the market with their unique features and they share the market accordingly. Few examples are Google chrome, Mozilla, internet explorer, Maxthon, opera, safari etc.  The performance of these browsers is evaluated in terms of their speed & compatibility, features, security, ease of use and the support they provide. The first three are the market leaders and covers more than 80 % of the market. Among them Google chrome is the most favorite among the internet users. Google chrome’s speed, unique features, easy usability, fool proof security and the support system earns it the market leader in this hot pursuit. Mozilla is not far behind and have certain unique features of its own. Internet explorer is a Microsoft product. Usually the search engine and the browser companies have a tie up and hence Google chrome is associated with Google and so is more popular than other browsers.

There are many features of chrome which sets it apart from other browsers such as the bookmarks, add-on, themes etc are synched with the google account and so when accessed from any computers these features can be easily retrieved by just signing into the account. The tab browsing of chrome is a very basic feature but still it excels at what it does. These tabs can be rearranged, duplicated, dragged to open new windows and can be also be isolated with independent functions. The privacy browsing is another feature which is very user friendly and when opened up do not show at any time on the screen to  notify that private browsing is going on. The security feature is also remarkable and the malware functions if found on a tab doesn’t transmit to the other opened up tabs. This way once the affected tab is closed the abnormal functionality also ceases to exist. This is called sandboxing and is indeed a very useful feature. Auto-updates is a must in the present day browsers and most of the browsers pay due attention to it making sure the browser is up to date with all the latest versions, applications and software. The lay out, ease of use, finding out the various functionalities, searching the contents, relevant data, eye catching icons, prioritized tabs etc comes under the usability criteria. This feature scores big when comes to selecting a particular browser. Lastly the help and support system counts a lot and gives the buyer the added satisfaction that he is still cared and remembered by the software manufacturers. Whenever the user is in a jinx regarding any functions encountered while browsing, there are offline helps available and when connected to internet there are online helps as well. These go a long way to ensure the trust and loyalty of the customer.

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