5+ Best Free Tumblr Themes for Your First Tumblr Blog

Many users of free tumblr themes now like to compare a variety of themes that have unique elements to reveal individuality. They can give attention to various aspects in order to make their expectations into reality. As compared to spend hard-earned money to get best elegant tumblr themes, this is worthwhile to listen to the latest features of free tumblr themes. The following tumblr themes are the best options to take advantage of stylish themes beneficially.

Free Tumblr Themes

Club Monaco Theme

Club Monaco theme has outstanding elements that represent quality of fashionable lifestyle internationally. This theme enhances a blog that has a commitment to provide the most recent fashion issues in order to attract people of all age group. This theme has lots of futuristic facilities that support users to get benefits endlessly.

Club Monaco Theme


The On tumblr theme is a simple but quality theme. This is suitable for everyone. The main advantageous issue about this theme is to install instantly. Users of this theme can customize their blog as they love. They can get never-ending benefits when they use this theme entirely. As the best free tumblr theme, this theme gets recognition day after day.

On Tumblr Theme


The Echion is a stylish tumblr theme. This includes animation, quality typography, the best tag search and other issues to make users contented. Users of this theme can get benefits from an easy way to share to Twitter. Among many free themes available at this time, this theme catches the attention of youngsters with eagerness to own a trendy tumblr theme.

Echion Tumblr Theme


The AppBlog is a quality tumblr theme that supports users to customize their space online according to their desires. This supports users to get benefits from first post up within a few minutes rather than hours. Advantageous issues of this theme are simple navigation panel and responsive design. The best integration with social networks is vital to succeed in blogging online. That is why this theme has integration support to social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Thus, users can spread out their priceless content all through the web.

AppBlog Tumblr Theme

Bright Day

The Bright Day realizes individuals’ desires to reveal their unique personality noticeably. This is because of excellent colors and typographic elements that boost up an appearance of a blog on the whole. Users of this theme can customize it as per their desires every so often. They can upload their logo, add or remove to navigation facility and highlight the title attractively. They can link to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr easily. Thus, users of this successful tumblr theme get success every time.

Bright Day Tumblr Theme


The Tidy theme includes a variety of elements like text, link, chat, audio, video, and quote with user-friendliness nature. Users of this theme can decide on each issue. For instance, they can hide or show Search Option. As compared usual designs of some themes, various unique issues in this theme attract target visitors within a short period. That is why users of this theme now feel contentment to make use of each facility.

Tidy Tumblr Theme


  1. Cool! These tumblr themes are awesome. I’m loving it. Thank you for sharing this post.

  2. Tumblr themes features unique kind of styles that will surely boost your confidence in making your own website or blogs. It will add spice to your bored and lousy background. That will surely attract number of bloggers that would like to take a glimpse on your blogs and website.

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