8 Ways To Improve Rankings With WordPress SEO Plugin

WordPress is already an interesting platform for SEO. However, WordPress SEO Plugin takes care of the technical optimization and helps write good content. Also, it pushes the users to choose keywords and use it while writing articles. Let’s look at various standout features that make WordPress SEO plugin a must for your website.

Premium Support to Users

Premium WordPress SEO plugin offers one on one email support to the users. Also, users have the liberty to check their local SEO and Video SEO extensions which is included in the support.

Writing improved content with WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO plugin offers the feature of snippet review which lets the user to see how his post would look like in the search engine. It helps the users to improve their title, Meta descriptions etc. Therefore, it improves the rankings in the search engine and clicks through organic search results.

Page Analysis of your website

The advanced feature of page analysis determines the things that user might bound to forget. For instance, it keeps check of the images of the post as to whether the images have an alt tag and keywords. It also checks the length of the post, Meta description and subheadings of the post.

Technical Optimization

The WordPress SEO plugin helps the users to make the required technical settings. Besides this, it also automatically optimizes and inserts Meta tags that search engines mostly like.

Determines Meta & Link Elements

The plugin controls the pages that the user wants to show in Google. It mostly tells search engines to index all the pages by default but shows the first pages in search.

RSS Optimization

WordPress SEO plugin improves the ranking of the keywords and even helps to get rid of scrappers. It automatically adds link to the RSS feed which points back to the original post. This way, users tell the search engines where they could find the original post.

Breadcrumbs- Makes Navigation easy

The Breadcrumbs function allows the user to navigate easily to both users and search engines. Also, it helps the search engines to understand the structure of the website. In other words, it makes your website theme compatible.

Offers Social Integration

Integrated social media profiles are essential to connect with users. The plugin comes with Facebook OpenGraph implementation.


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