5 Popular And Free Ecommerce Plugins On WordPress

In an era where the internet rules, conducting business and shopping through online web portals has become the most happening thing. Things have been made a lot simpler for both the sellers and buyers of a particular product or service through these online websites which have started the true advent of ecommerce over the internet. WordPress is one such website where you can create many personalized web based ecommerce applications or pages by using the numerous wordpress ecommerce plugins that are available.

These plugins allow you to create, customize and promote your own products for sale online and also provide the much needed support for running personal enterprise services online. Specialized widgets or plugins for every possible activity have been provided by WordPress with the services covering gifts, downloadable content, digital media, web browser integration and fund raisers too.

The most popular wordpress ecommerce plugins that are free and have become widely popular based on their high user ratings are the following:

EShop Plugin: This is one of the most wholesome plugin that supports ecommerce transactions. You can add your products, categorize them in different ways and even customize the settings. An easy user interface also helps in quick browsing and product selection, not to mention the secure payment gateways that are included.

Cart66 Lite: This plugin can be integrated directly with your blog on WordPress. It is a great tool for selling digital and other content online with support for different currencies and fast shipping. Moreover, you can also place ads on Cart66 Lite and promote your online business.

Jigoshop WordPress E-Commerce Plugin: If you’re a looking to set up an online store then Jigoshop is the widget for you. You can effectively manage your displayed products online and easily sort them into categories and sub categories making it easier for visitors to browse through the products.

Woocommerce Plugin: This is a plugin which provides both high functionality and refinement. With a dashboard and customizable interface it also supports multiple plugins for better support.

WP E-Commerce Plugin: It is also one of the most downloaded plugin which can be used along with any WordPress theme, provides multiple payment options and is easily customizable as well.

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