5 Highest Paying Google Adsense Alternatives

Everyone wishes to make money be it online or offline. Every newbie who enters the web looks for an online money making arena. If you run a website or a blog, you all know that Google adsense allow you to make easy money with its feature like PPC and CPC. Adsense is the market leader of web based content sensitive marketing. You need to place the Javascript code on your website or blog page for the Google server to make the context advertisement sensitive. This is a worldwide network and among the highest paying market yet there are reasons to look for other alternatives as well. The heart breaking news is that Google now prevents the new users to start only online advertisement because of the strict rules and regulations.

Today you need something that allows you easy application and helps you save time with your money making process. And when you blog proves to be successful on other alternatives, you can always get back to Google Adsense for your advertisement program. Here in the article we are going to discuss the best alternatives of Google Adsense and why you would choose them, the answer is simple:

The reasons why these alternatives hold a strong place:-

  • Google Adsense is hard to crack
  • PPC rate is low
  • Late payments
  • Strict policies
  • Account get banned because of small errors

Have a look at the top Google Adsense alternatives:

Chitika– Pronouced as CHIH-ti-kha is the industry leading alternative of Google Adsense in terms of network and revenue. Found in the year 2003 in Massachusett is tied with Yahoo as spoken about in a PR in May 2013. As a matter of fact, when Yahoo was closing its Affiliate program, Chitkara was referred. This was not a stand-alone solution but complemented the service of the publishing program/ existing advertising by making use of added Ad units that are all together unique from those pop-unders, standard advertisement boxes etc. Chitika offers an active box that targets the product, in case of a blog it gives you a link and you are paid as commission when clicked on it. It makes use of a technology called “Click Prediction” that offers extra money for media buyers and advertisers.

Media.Net– This another on the list is a combined ad program of Bing and Yahoo. Similar to Adsense, contextual means advertisement depends entirely on the content of you page. You receive high paying ads for high quality blogs and another reason for the popularity is that the site gets instant approval which will be tough on the Google Adsense. You can create ads of various sizes and place them suitably on your site.

BuySellAds: Towards the end if you have a space for only two ads on the blog, BuySellAds should be your ideal choice. Advertisers will take up the space to place the ads which will fetch you money but important is that it also brings you traffic which is important for any blog site. Launched in 2008 February, it has reached the heights if success in the shortest span and offering monetizing opportunities.

Infolinks– This PPC Ad network is known to be the best Adsense alternative, this supports various ads most preferably in-text advertisements where you can market you keywords with single or double dotted lines. Users can easily identify the keyword as they hover the mouse on the text. Getting approval here is extremely easy, you do not need heavy traffic to get the approval. CPC rates depend on the quality of the blog and traffic on the blog can bring you some extra money.

Skimlinks– As the logo says “Unlock the cash in your content” is truly reflected in their policy. They offer you an automated way to make money online; they target your monetizing phrase and convert them to affiliate links. Secondly, Skimlinks pick up regular links and direct them through its affiliate server. You as a webmaster or a blogger can add product links to your site. The content looks normal to the readers but the links direct them to advertisement.


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