4 Exclusive WordPress Adsense Plugin That You Must Know About

Plugin for WordPress are designed to offer you convenience and assist you with numerous features that come along with it. This one helps you to place your ads on the website and make money through it. With so many plugins available in the market that lets you modify the size of display, color, location of the ad and so much more. Make use of these customizable options to improve the overall look but here are some adsense plugins that you can give a try.

Eli’s WordCents Widget with analytics– The widget asks for version 2.8 and above. It goes on the sidebar where you can display your ad and even features customizable analytics.

Adsense insert– The plugin allows automatic posting of ads and doesn’t break up the blog photos. Some amazing features that comes along with the plugin is the ability to be added in the footer, header and the sidebar. The quality of the adsense plugin remains the same as the body of the blog and asks for a version 2.8 and above

Google Adsense Plug and Play– The plugin is designed for easy installation, quite simple and allows your publisher ID on the settings page. The widget is also avaialbel to be placed on the sidebars, all you need is to drag and drop the widget to the side bar. You can easily specify which ad needs to be on the top, which at the bottom or somewhere in between the page. You can even choose the ONLY ON age where you want to specidy the ad and where not.

Easy Ads– Easy Ads offers intuitive and unified interface for managing multiple ads on the blog page. Currently the plugin is supported by BidVertiser, Chitika, Cicksor and quite obviously Adsense. Some amzing features that come along are alignment options, rich display, robust codebase, display selection and so much more.

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