300 Articles Vs 30 Articles: The Power of Long Tail Keywords

Most of the people give up before starting the blog, and they will usually quit their blogging career before they even start, mainly because of all the content they will need. They are afraid of the amount of post counts needed. They think that they will need lots of articles on their blog to gain some quick traffic from the search engines. This is what happened today when I was talking a possible “future blogger”. He is in the same situation that I had described and is asking for some suggestions. But guess what? I came up with the idea of this post, and instead of telling the same story to every single person on my Skype, I have decided to write a post on this specific topic. In this post we will be covering about the posts vs posts.  This article will cover the most important factors, and what to stay focused on when perusing a blogging career.

  1. Do I need 50 posts to start the blog?
  2. Do I need 100 posts to gain quick visitors from search engine?
  3. Do I need 500 posts to make passive income from Adsense?
  4. Do I need to target competitive keywords?
  5. Do I need to cover all long tails keywords in my niche?
  6. Feel free to add your point in the comment section.

So Why Do You Need Content?

First of all you should try to understand  the logic of content, and exactly why you need the content. Look at my Laptop Under 300, Pay Per Download, Video SEO and Local SEO Factors post. These 4 posts are generating hundreds of keywords. You will need posts like these or you can do a keyword research and find some long tails keywords, short tails and bigger competitive keywords. Having a good set of keywords will have a huge impact on your success. 

300 Articles Vs 30 Articles

300 articles can bring you 300 keywords, if you are targeting some long tail and short tail keywords, because you cannot write 300 posts in the period of 1 month, that’s about 10 posts a day. You could write 10 to 30 posts like, “How to create a blog.” Now imagine try to imagine writing up to 3000+ words on this topic, YES? Now, tell me how many keywords do you think this post can make? Do you get the whole idea? You should write yourself – Don’t hire a writer unless he is a professional writer, or Ghost writer. (Writers will generate content, they don’t generates keywords)  It is always best to write the content yourself, because only you will know exactly what you need to make the blog perfect.  If you do higher a writer, know that you will still need to proof read all the content that they write for you, and make necessary adjustments. 

There are two main ways to write and fill up your blog.

  • Fewer posts (Minimum 1000+ each)
  • Detailed posts (In-depth research, solve the problem instead of guiding about the topic and 1000+ words)
  • Lots of keywords – (Authority content/posts can generate thousands of long tails automatically)

Second way is:

  • 300 posts (350 to 500+ each)
  • Cover only the topic
  • Target 1 keyword in each post

Quality Vs Quantity

  • 300 Articles – I am going to write 300 articles of  300 to 500+ words each and I am going to target 1 keyword in each post.

Now tell me which one you would like to pick?

In conclusion, blogging is not a quick method of generating money.  It will take time, and effort, but the results will be long lasting.  Once you have an established website, with many keywords, and quality content, it will get easier.  This is not like a churn and burn website, this is a method of gaining long term stable income.


  1. Hey Faris Bro,

    Firstly, I would like to say this article is rich of information for those who are new and on intermediate level. If I speak personally, I would select the 2nd way and I’m sure that you want to know the reason why I prefer the second way because if you will try to cover a lot long tail keywords in one topic they might create a conflict within the post and some users can get annoyed but let suppose if someone is searching for how to check the page rank of domain and he finds the perfect post which contains the method or guide to check the page rank so he will read your post which will help you in getting your bounce rate good and under the radar but someone if someone lands on the wrong page he will just close the window after reading a few words or lines. I hope you got what I mean :-)

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