12 Popular Alternatives To Paypal

Online purchases are frequent in recent times. However, shopping online at portals like eBay or making any other transactions have been made convenient by PayPal. PayPal has been the most prominent mobile online payment service to make transactions for personal as well as professional needs. But due to their poor customer service at times and frequent freezing accounts have been longstanding complaints. Hence, popular company- PayPal may face strong serious competition soon. As predicted by market analysts, mobile online payment transactions can reach over 235$ billion in coming years. Also, strong players like Facebook and Apple are working their best to develop their own mobile payment service.

But all these situations appear hypothetical at the moment. There are many alternatives for PayPal even most of these are superior to popular mobile service. No matter if you run an online business or make frequent transactions online, the list of PayPal alternatives will definitely help you.

Google Wallet: Developed by most prominent search engine- Google, Google Wallet was Google’s Checkout. The name of the service has although changed but the features are the same. The service offers similar features as in PayPal like credit card processing, the ability to send invoices and other transactions. Furthermore, it offers features like:

  • Carrying less plastic cards and store loyalty programs
  • Send money instantly and easily
  • Quick purchasing on online portals

WePay: The service is the best alternative since it allows the users to make purchases without leaving the website via a virtual terminal. It is a comprehensive service featuring customer service and fraud protection. It focusses on the user’s interests besides their credit card numbers and also makes the website look professional.

2Checkout: This service enables customers to get credit card and PayPal payments by coupling a merchant account with payment gateway. It has also known to feature solid shopping cart, international payments and recurring bills.

Authorize.Net: It is the most frequently used payment gateway by small business owners and individuals. Developed in 1996, Authorize.net serves the needs of 375,000 merchants today. Also, the payment gateway has been the winner of Achievement in Customer Excellence for consecutive 5 years.

Skrill: It is the popular and convenient alternative to PayPal since it offers features like free setup, low rates, and the ability to send messages right away from the accounts. It is been in international markets allowing merchants to transfer their balance to prepaid debit card quickly.

Intuit: In order to help small business owners, Intuit offers both online and in person transactions. Also, it helps the businesses to pay their employees, file payroll tax forms and calculate payroll taxes.

ProPay: Working on the same lines as PayPal, ProPay offers similar features. It allows the user to receive and send money globally with features like recurring bills and built in shopping cart. It is also accepted by eBay so you can shop there using ProPay in spite of PayPal.

Click2Sell: It is the popular online service that accepts PayPal, Skrill, credit cards even without merchant accounts. However, it has all the features required in an ideal PayPal alternative. Also, Click2Sell offers interesting features such as powerful reports, automated sales management etc. to make users understand their sales tactics and strategies well.

Dwolla: The online service has all the features from paying and receiving at your place of business. However, if both, sender and receiver have Dwolla account then they can spend money easily through their Facebook profiles, LinkedIn profile, telephone number etc.

Braintree: The platform offers features like recurring billing, global transactions, credit card storage and even mobile business. Developed in 2007, Braintree has been growing gradually.

ClickBank: ClickBank acts as one stop shop for businesses online by doing everything. It builds a site for the products and optimizes the business. Developed in 1998, the platform offers loads of convenient features.

Stripe: It is a growing service that offers the features such as storing cards, handling subscriptions, direct payouts etc.
The list of popular PayPal alternatives is likely to give a tough competition to PayPal in coming times.

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