A Guide to the Hottest Ufone Pakistan Call, SMS & Internet Packages and Their Activation

As one of the largest providers of mobile services in the country, Ufone Pakistan has the opportunity to offer attractive packages at low prices. The advancement in mobile technology has enlarged their product range considerably. You can now select from great internet packages as well as SMS and call packages. Find out more about the great deals available at present.

Ufone Pakistan Internet Packages

If you are already a subscriber to the services of the telecom, you can get their package for existing customers. No matter whether you choose the prepaid or post-pay option, you will pay Rs. 18 per MB. The activation of these packages is free of charge. You can do it via the company’s helpline or in one of their offices.

At present, you can select from 10 different internet packages depending on your needs and requirements. The cheapest is the Special Daily Mobile Internet Package. It gives you 75MB per day which you can use between 1 a.m. and 9 p.m. The subscription charge is Rs. 4.99 with taxes. The largest, most flexible and most expensive package is the Postpaid Mobile Internet Unlimited. You get unlimited access to the internet for Rs. 500 a month.

How to activate Ufone Pakistan internet packages? You simply need to send an activation SMS using the short code of the respective package. You will be able to use the service immediately. If your phone requires any additional settings to be changed, you can check its user manual or call the helpline of the telecom.

Ufone Pakistan SMS Packages

You can select from a variety of SMS packages if you are a fan of texting. The Yearly SMS Package allows you to send an unlimited number of text messages every year for Rs. 666 plus tax. If you already have a Uth package, you can get some really attractive deals like the Uth SMS FnF Package which gives you an unlimited number of free text messages for 30 days. Its price is Rs. 5 plus tax. Another attractive option is the Unlimited Package. It offers 9,000 free text messages for 30 days for a price of Rs. 80 plus tax.

How to activate the Ufone Pakistan SMS packages? You need to send an SMS with the text SUB to the 3-digit number for the respective package. The service will be activated instantly. You will receive a notification for this.

Ufone Pakistan Call Packages

Currently, you can select from seven different call packages available from the telecom. The Tension Free Basic Package gives you a basic service at a low price. Calls to both Ufone and other network’s mobiles cost just 99 Paisa for 30 seconds while an SMS costs Rs. 1.50. The UWon package is another attractive option with Rs. 2 plus tax per minute for calls to any mobile in the country and Rs. 1.5 for text messages.

One of the newest Ufone call packages is Uth which is especially designed for young people. The other options include the 30 Second Package, the Lady’s package, the Life Plus Package and the U Circle package.

How to activate Ufone Pakistan call packages? You can either call the provided number for the package or send an SMS with the provided text using the set code for the package.

Take full advantage of the Ufone Pakistan packages.

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