Top Tips for Writing Receptionist Resume

With an attractive and informative receptionist resume, you will increase your chances of getting hired considerably. After all, this is going to be the first thing which potential employers see from you. You need to get the right directions and advice and you will make your job application perfect.

Format and Template

The first thing which you need to pay attention to is the actual presentation and, more specifically, the format. For best results, you should use a pre-made template for you project. Your name goes on top followed by your contact details.

You should formulate your objective in one sentence and place it next. Then you need to have sections devoted to your skills, experience and achievements and education. As you can see, the structure is pretty clear and the main focus is on the skills as they are the primary thing that employers look for when hiring a receptionist.


The receptionist resume objective should explain why you want to get the respective job. It is essential for you to mention both the position and the name of the employer. You have to give an overview of your skills and explain how they will help the respective organization. Just remember not to start the sentence with “I”. Here is an example: “Seeking a receptionist position with company XYZ where communication and reception management skills will help for the increase of the productive efficiency of the company.


You should present a comprehensive list of your skills in this section of it which should come right after your objective. You can put them in sections such as office (administrative, management) skills, computer skills and language skills. Alternatively, you can place them in two columns for the purpose of saving space.

You need to list your skills in the order of importance for the employer. Remember to include all key ones for a receptionist including telephone reception, requests handling and conflict resolution, administrative support, records and database management, data protection and confidentiality.

Experience and Achievements

You have to list your previous employment positions starting from the most recent one in this section of your project that you are working on. If you have had several jobs, you should list all of them and include the period during which you held the respective position. Still, you need to provide details only on the most recent and most relevant ones.

You should list all of the important tasks which you performed at each relevant position. If you had any achievements you can list them in a special section under the duties of each job. Keep in mind that employers are impressed primarily by achievements that benefited the organization as well as you. For instance, you can say “Names Employee of the Month after resolving a major issue with a client and saving the company X hundred dollars.”


You have to list your educational qualifications starting from the most recent one. You should also mention the school and the years during which you attended it. You should definitely include your GPA if the figure is impressive.

After the education section, you should include the contact details of your referee. You can outline any valuable personal skills and traits if you have space left.


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