Top 10 Best Free iPhone Apps

With Apple getting into the applications space and is a true king when we talk of the applications. So, let’s check out on what are the top 10 applications in your Apple iPhone which are the must haves. Though there are many millions of applications but since we know that it’s difficult to pick top 10 applications we will try our level best to present the top 10 apps which completes the spectrum of daily needs and requirements so that you will never stay out of connection just about anything. Be it social networking, travel, news, photography or just anything, we will try to cover the same.


There was a time when facebook was called as a laggard when we compared this one with the Orkut but times have been now changed and facebook has managed to win over the hearts of most of the social networking users. With an all new fresh grid based home screen which contains news feed, notification space, quick view of inbox, chats, requests, calendar, photos and notes you will never have to search for all the options as all the options are listed right on the home screen. Just with the help of swiping the screen you will get to see all the options present in the facebook so that you can always stay connected with your friends.

Gorilla Cam

This application which is called as the Gorilla Cam does a very great job as it takes the photographs at a very fast interval. Many of the users want to take the still photos at a very fast rate. This application basically makes use of camera which contains a timer, spirit level, on screen grid and also it has a multi shot option. You can make use of this application to further add the Xing to all the photographs. The USP of this application is that it can take multiple shots within a said interval, like if you wish to snap 45 shots in just 1 second or say in 5 seconds then you can do the same with this application.


For all the book readers who are having an iPhone now has a reason to cheer as with this application which is called as Stanza does the same work which the famous book reader application Amazon’s kindle does as with this application you can easily take a go through on the electronic book headlines. Basically this application allows the users to download the books from different possible sources out of which some of the books are the free versions and can be benefitted from the same. Also, most importantly you can also transfer all of these with the help of ePub, PDF with the help of Stanza.


For all those who love storing many things on the phone or love to have a bunch of files which you regularly access them and run out of the space? Then the only best, safe and secured solution is the DropBox which actually enables you to not only access the files but also allows you to sync all the files between the computer and the phone as you can dump the files which you want to sync in the folder of your computer and DropBox for the device will enable to access the same so that you can download them for all offline reference and also you can view the same whenever required.

The train line

If you are the one who frequently travels via the train line then this application named the train line will be best suited for you as this application is basically the free to use application with which you can view the timetables even in the offline mode and also the location aware feature allows you to check out for the “next train home” option with which you will no longer have to key in the place where you are in manually. Though this app comes along with some of the goodies, this application is not as good as for the national rail enquiries as claimed by this application, though it’s expected to be solved in the next update.


Whole World knows about a calling service which allows you to talk with your loved ones for absolutely free, the only condition being both the users who want to talk with each other must be having the Skype application loaded in their iPhones for the communication. With the help of simple and easy to understand interface, you will never feel that it’s a complicated to talk freely. Also, with the help of skype you can call to other friends too who doesn’t use skype but this service is not a free of cost and for this you will have to buy the monthly or weekly plans to call your friends.


Want to watch movies? Then how about getting all the latest about the movie listings, the only sad part about this application is that this application is the US centric application and only shows the listings of the movies which are being played or run in US. All you have to do is to just select the movies after which you will get all the related listings on the screen. The best part of this application is that you can even play the trailer, get the show times and also you can add the ratings as per your choice.


Everyone has a kid in him or her and so does the interest to read the comics and what if i tell you that you can now access all the latest comics right on your iPhone very easily. The name itself of this application is Comics and can be downloaded for free. There are many downloadable comics which can be made use of and reading works on a frame-by-frame automated ‘zoom’ basis, and is surprisingly usable. I must say that the reading experience is really very pleasurable.

Around Me

Have you ever been lost in the new place? Not anymore from now as from now you can easily track all the things which are near you or wants to know about the places which are around you. With the application called “Around Me” you can get all the information about the nearest Apple retail stores, Banks or ATMs, bars, Coffee, favorites, Gas Stations, Hospitals, Hotels, Movie theaters etc. To make use of this application, all you need to have is the iPhone and also you will be happy to know that this application is completely free of cost. This application really helps when you go to an all new place.


Want to know the meaning of a word quickly and in a reliable manner right on your iPhone even on the move? No, am not telling you to carry along a dictionary to serve this purpose but just an application which is named as “” which is not only a Dictionary but is also having Thesaurus. With over millions of definitions and over 90, 000 synonyms this becomes the largest dictionary in the virtual manner and also this application is very fast as this also includes phonetic and audio pronunciation of words with a simple interface and easy to understand manner.

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