Top 10 Best Free Android Apps

With over 2 lakhs of applications in the Android Market Place, the need of the day is about on what are the applications which are not only productive but are also helpful for all your daily needs. So, let’s check out on what are the top applications in the Android Market Place which will be helpful. We will see the top 10 applications from each and every category in the due course of this article. For your convenience, we are ensuring that all the applications are FREE to use and are not any trial applications or even the paid applications.


One of the best and the finest social application is tweetdeck which takes care of all the famous applications like foursquare, facebook, twitter and Google Buzz in a neat intuitive manner with which you will never feel that your social networking is getting complex. Also, another thing with the tweetdeck is that you get to choose from a whole lot of options like the update frequency and also allows you to add many accounts in the facebook as well as on twitter which many other applications for android doesn’t allow like facebook for android or you can say twitter for android.

Google Docs

Of the latest applications and one of the hit, Google Docs rules the charts of download as this application is one of the most demanded as well as wanted app too. Many of us had difficulties in managing all the documents in our Android, though Market Place had many application so of similar kind but no one even came near to the one official application of Google Docs. It not only allows you to create and edit the docs but also manages all the documents very well with the listing of all the options like All items, Collections, Starred, Documents, Images and also you can choose from the more to get new options like Text, Spreadsheet or even Spreadsheet to create the one right on your Android phone.

SMS Backup +

Another best application in the Android is the SMS Backup + with which you can not only backup the smses but also you can schedule the backup or can choose to select the auto backup right in your Gmail account. All these smses are saved in your Gmail account with the tag and the label called SMS, additionally in the latest version you can even back all the call log in your phone in the real time manner and just in case something happens to your phone then you can easily restore the backup from your Gmail account whenever you want it.

Angry Birds

When we talk of so many applications then how can a popular game can stay out of this list, Angry Birds is one such gaming application which not only delights you with the primitive gaming mania but also comes along with the great set of levels in huge numbers so as to ensure that you are not bored with all the gaming levels. Though there are many versions of the Angry Birds but the one which is the normal one and the classic one is named with the name “Angry Birds”, just search for the same in the Android Market Place to download and use the same.

Trending Topics

For all those who wanted to know all the latest on the what’s happening in the World and wanted to know on what are the things which are trending in the twitter then this applications comes with just two options in the screen which is the country selection tab and the second one is the Place selection, like if you are selecting India as the country then you can select the place as Mumbai and likewise for rest of the places around the World. All the top 10 things which are trending are displayed on the screen very rightly as shown in the screenshot below.

Screen Filter

With the introduction of many brighter screens like Super Clear LCD, AMOLED display screens, Super AMOLED Screens and also Super AMOLED Plus screens the brightness of the screen has been drastically increased and as a result the need for the reduction of screen brightness is evident. Though with the help of power control widget you can control the brightness of the screen but the brightness is not effectively reduced and also you will not have to root your phone just to get the super user access to reduce the brightness and lose the warranty. All you need to do is to just download this application from Android Market Place and install the same and choose the percentage which you wish to reduce the brightness to and there you are with reduced brightness.

Power Amp Music Player

For all those who are missing the VLC for the Android, then you don’t have to anymore as with the arrival of Power Amp music player for Android which is a free application can play just anything as it support almost all the popular music formats easily. Not to forget with the simple user interface with many thematic views makes this application really simple and the best. Also, for all the music lovers you will be happy to know that this app also comes along with an equalizer to further fine tune the musical hearing experience. Also, if you have placed the music files in some particular folder then you can choose the same to play them all which is the best feature.


Want to get all the latest happenings around the World right in your Android phone then you just will have to download an application called TOI which compiles all the news items across the World and presents on an Android platter which is right on your phone’s screen. With a neat and simplified user experience you will never feel like having any other applications for tracking all the news items as this will serve all your needs in the world of news. The best part of the application like i said earlier is that it’s completely free of cost and also you can share the news items on all the social networking sites like twitter, facebook etc straight from the news article.

Antivirus Free

This application from the AVG Mobilation is a fantastic application which is a free product as mentioned above which promises to keep all the viruses, malware at the bay & exploits in real-time manner which is a great way to protect your phone from any threats. This antivirus scans the applications, settings, files and also all the media files in the real time manner, also adding to the convenience, this one can also can Back up and restore all your valuable apps and data and apart from that you can also kill the tasks and can also Lock and wipe your device to protect your privacy.

Barcode Scanner

You might have seen many times that many of the websites or the places showcase the Barcodes and its really impossible to read those barcodes with the help of naked eyes, so with the help of Barcode Scanner you can easily scan the barcodes which are printed on the products and then you can look up for the prices on the internet sites and also along with that the reviews can be viewed. Additionally, you can also scan the data matrix along with the QR Codes which contains URLs, contact info, etc. With a neat simple and clutter free interface you will be easily able to scan all the barcodes.

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