Should You Get Plastic Business Cards for Your Business?

Presentation matters a lot in the business world, especially if you are a new entrant in a particular industry. Among the trendiest items for presentation you will find plastic business cards. Learn all you need to know about them and decide whether they will be useful to your new venture and to you as a professional or not.

What Are Plastic Business Cards?

As their name indicates, the plastic business cards are made from plastic instead of paper. Even though the concept is fairly new, you will find a huge variety of designs. In general, they have the same purpose as traditional cards. They are not multifunctional tools, at least for now.

Design and Make

The typical plastic business cards have the same size as their traditional counterparts. They measure 3.5 by 2 inches. They have curved edges. They are slightly thicker and heavier compared to the paper ones.

The plastic cards are made from durable and strong yet flexible PVC plastic. Typically, the material is the same as the one used for the making of credit cards. This explains the similarities between the two in terms of thickness and weight.

You can select from transparent, tinted and full color cards, to name the main options. Different techniques for the making of the cards can be used. In some cases the print is placed between two thin PVC sheets. In other cases, the print is done mechanically or by hand directly on the plastic surface.

Given the great popularity of plastic business cards, there are now many ways in which you can get them. You can use an online template and order any number of cards based on it. You can also work with a designer studio and choose one of their exclusive templates or order a custom card design.

Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of plastic business cards.


Attractive – Your potential clients will certainly be impressed by your card and will want to call you right away.

Long lasting – Plastic is much more durable compared to paper. The card will not be damaged by water and the sun’s rays. Your name and contact details will not fade with time. Each card will be useful for many years to come.

Room for creativity – You can play with the colors and the light. You can use all kinds of images including photographs on the card.

Affordable – PVC is a very cheap material and this brings the price of the cards down to a super affordable level.

Green – Most cards are made from recyclable plastic material. It is cheaper and much greener compared to paper which is made from trees.


Slightly thicker – The plastic cards have slightly greater thickness than their paper counterparts. This may make them more difficult to store in flexible cases designed for the purpose.

A bit heavier – The plastic cards have slightly greater weight compared to the paper ones. This can also cause minor concerns with their carrying, especially if you have to bring a big stuck to an event.

Overall, the pros of the plastic business cards outweigh the cons so they are a great choice.

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