Check out the Best WordPress Plugins for Free!

WordPress is one of the most famous websites out there. Not only do you get to blog and put in your content for free, there are also a lot of themes and layouts that you can choose from. Aside from that, you will also appreciate the fact that some of the best WordPress Plugins that you can add to your site to make it even more manageable and to make it look better are plugins that you can get for free!

Why are plugins important?

WordPress Plugins are important because they enable you to customize your page and allow you and visitors of your site to access different options and features. Plugins also make your website unique and more entertaining. Plugins are also responsible for the addition of new features to your site, reducing the size of an application, and allow you to get help from third-party app developers.

Some of the most common plugins include the Quicktime Player and the Adobe Flash Player. These are most commonly used in playing music and videos, and reading online books. However, there are other plugins that you can use to enhance your website, depending on its content and features.

Here are some free WordPress plugins that you can choose from:

  • Contact Form 7. This is a contact plugin which you can use to update contact forms and ask people to leave their information and contact details on your page.

  • Contact Form. This allows you to get feedback from people or from a certain website or web page. This also allows you to send messages, attach files to the message, allow people to fill out a contact form, and change certain labels or tags on your website.

  • Fast Secure Contact Form. This is another contact form plugin but the difference is that it is faster and more manageable than its contemporaries, and that’s why you should check it out.

  • All in One SEO Pack. Best for Search Engine Optimizers or Marketers, this will help you in all your SEO related issues. With this plugin, you will be able to submit your site map to search engines such as Bing and Google to improve your search rank, give you advanced canonical URLs, and it also automatically generates Meta Tags.

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast. Another SEO related plugin, this will help you in writing better content which in turn will help in the promotion and marketing of your products/company.

  • Akismet. This is one of the greatest plugins invented. It checks people’s comments on your page to see if those comments are spam or not and therefore narrows down the comments to those that are only legitimate.

  • Woo-Commerce—Excelling e-commerce. This is perfect for sites that sell certain products as it is especially made for e-commerce. This turns your site into a genuine e-commerce store and gives you more credibility and strength when it comes to the online market.

  • WordPress Importer. This imports certain documents to WordPress such as pages, custom posts and other types of posts; post meta and custom fields; comments, tags and custom taxonomies, as well.

  • Google XML Sitemaps. This helps for the better indexing of your blog or website on search engines like Bing, Google or Yahoo. This means that more people will be able to view your website and thus, you will become more popular.

  • Jetpack by This helps your page to load fast and lessens buffering. People love websites that do not take much time to load that’s why this may be perfect for you. This also e-mails you information about those who have subscribed to your blog and who left comments, as well.

  • NextGen Gallery. This is the most popular gallery plugin out there because it lets you manage your image and video galleries easily, without the hassle of them not loading in time or having their quality disrupted.

  • Captcha. This helps in bringing more security to your website by not allowing spambots to invade your site. You can use a variation of letters and numbers as your Captcha, and you can also ask people to solve an equation in order to know if they are real people or not.

  • WP Super Cache. This allows you to know what’s going on in your blog in a more detailed manner. You’ll be able to know which users have logged in, those who are not logged in, and those who are merely guests and have just seen your blog for the first time. In short, it helps you understand the traffic of your website better.

  • Advanced Custom Fields. This helps in better customization of your website by allowing you what to put in your fields. You can choose from text, images, radio buttons, and even put the option of putting in passwords or a link to Google Maps, too.

  • WP Optimize. A brand new plugin that allows you to check and organize your schedule, clean up your blog and allows you to turn it into something new, and also allows for the translation of files if they are in a different language.

  • Tiny MCE Advanced. A plugin that helps you create and edit tables, make your lists more creative, and helps in editing CSS to make your website more beautiful.

  • SI Captcha Anti-Spam. Another anti-spam plugin that allows configuration of comments/posts from the administrator, allows trackbacks and pingbacks, and lets the Captcha form to show up not only on the comments page, but during times when people forget their passwords and log-in information, too.

  • Next Scripts: Social Networks Auto-Poser. This is one of the most useful plugins out there as it helps in the better promotion and marketing of your blog and its contents. This plugin automatically shares your posts to your accounts on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. So, even if you are not online, if you have already scheduled your posts, then you can relax because Next Scripts would automatically post them to your social networking accounts, too.

These plugins can surely make your online life easier and more worthwhile. Just imagine all the things that these plugins can do to ensure that your posts are read by many and that your blog gets a good amount of traffic. Just remember, in choosing a plugin for your site, choose those that you know are in tune with the content of your blog, and those that are really useful and reliable. That said, the plugins posted above have been tried and tested by many and are therefore recommended. Check them out.

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