Cashier Job Description – All You Need to Know about the Job

When you plan getting a job, you should certainly research the type of occupation that you want to have. After reading this cashier job description, you will be able to decide if this job is right for you given its duties, nature and pay. You will also have a precise idea of how to qualify for vacant positions. Make full use of this guide.

Job Basics

A cashier handles payments for goods and services. Such workers are typically employed by retail stores. The nature of the work may vary slightly from one retail facility to another but the main tasks are more or less the same everywhere.

Responsibilities and Tasks

The cashier greets the customer and rings up the products that the customer wants to get. For this task, a scanner and cash till are used. The worker may have to use a calculator as well.

After the goods have been rung up, she receives the payment from the customer and issues a receipt. The cashier should be able to process both cash and credit card payments. The same applies to special coupons and vouchers as well.

In most cases, the cashier is responsible for bagging or wrapping the purchases of the customer. She provides assistance by answering questions and helping customers sign up for various programs offered by the store. She is responsible for handling returns and exchanges of goods as well. At the end of her shift, she has to count the money in the till and present an account of them for bookkeeping purposes.

Work Environment and Schedule

Most cashiers work at grocery stores of different types and sizes. Jobs are available in department stores, pharmacies and drugstores and gas stations. The larger stores typically offer a safer and more comfortable work environment while the smaller ones which are open at night are at greater risk of robberies. Generally, any store can get quite busy especially in the evening and on weekends so the work can be quite hectic at times.

Cashiers can work both full time and part time. They typically have flexible shifts instead of working from 9 to 5. Most jobs involve working in the evening, on weekends and on holidays.


The median hourly wage of cashiers is $8.89. In general, the pay depends on several important factors. These include the type of store you work at and its location and your experience and skills. Individuals who work at large retail stores and supermarket chains in major cities and have considerable work experience can expect to earn the highest salaries.

How to Become a Cashier

No special training or educational qualifications are needed to become a cashier. Still, some employers may require a high school diploma. Generally, employers look for individuals with good knowledge of mathematics, excellent communication skills and listening skills, patience, dexterity and physical stamina.

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